In the Realm of Biomass and Plant-Based Products, Our Array of Services is Designed to Meet your Specific Needs and Exceed your Expectations. From Optimizing the Quality of Biomass for Various Applications to Ensuring the Purity and Safety of Final Products, we are Committed to Delivering Excellence.


Subcontracted biomass processing services

Encompass a Range of Essential Tasks Aimed at Optimizing Biomass Quality and Usability. The Process Involves Several Stages, Beginning with Drying, where Moisture Content is Reduced to Enhance Stability and Prevent Degradation. Trimming Follows, Involving the Removal of Excess or Unwanted Parts to Improve the Final Product’s Uniformity. Subsequently, Sorting is Undertaken to Categorize Biomass Based on Specific Criteria such as Size, Type, or Quality. Cleaning is the Final Step, Encompassing Removal of Impurities, Foreign Matter, or Contaminants, Ensuring the Biomass meets Desired Purity Standards. Overall, these Services are Pivotal in Preparing Biomass for consumption or various applications in the Food and Beverages sector.

Subcontracted CO2 Extraction of Various Plant Biomass and Delivery of Bulk Extract or Ready to Use Final Products

Subcontracted CO2 Extraction of Diverse Plant Biomass Involves a Meticulous Process that Harnesses Supercritical Carbon Dioxide to Selectively Extract Target Compounds from the Raw Material. The Process Begins with Loading the Biomass into an Extraction Vessel, where Carbon Dioxide is Pressurized to a Supercritical State, becoming a Solvent with Both Liquid and Gas Properties. Under Controlled Conditions of Pressure and Temperature, the Supercritical CO2 Permeates the Biomass, Dissolving and Capturing Desired Compounds, such as Essential Oils, Flavors, or Medicinal Components. Subsequent Depressurization Causes the CO2 to Revert to a Gas, leaving behind a Concentrated Extract. This Extract can then be Processed Further to Obtain a Final Product, or it can be Delivered in Bulk Form. The Versatility of this Method Makes it a Preferred Choice for Obtaining Pure and Potent Extracts for Various Industries, including Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, and Food Production.

Preparation of Final Products from Various Extracts or Herbs According to International Standards

The Preparation of Final Products from Diverse Extracts and Herbs According to International Standards Involves a Rigorous Process that Combines Precise Formulation and Quality Control. Extracts are Carefully Measured and Blended to Achieve Desired Ratios and Concentrations of Active Compounds. These Formulations Undergo Rigorous Testing to Ensure Compliance with International Standards for Purity, Potency, and MOST IMPORTANTLY Safety. Herbs are Sourced from Reliable & Vetted Suppliers, Subjected to Meticulous Quality Assessment and Processing, and Processed to Remove Impurities. The Extracted Compounds and Prepared Herbs are then Combined, Often with Additional Ingredients, Using Standardized Procedures to Create the Final Products. These Products Undergo Thorough Testing and Quality Assurance Measures to Meet the Stringent Criteria set by International Regulatory Bodies, Ensuring their Suitability for Distribution, Sale, and Consumption on a Global Scale.

White label products

White Label Final Product Offering Involves a Business Practice Wherein we Produce and Standardize Products and Sell them to Other Companies who Then Brand and Market the Products as their Own. In this Arrangement, we Focus on the Production Process, Ensuring Quality, Consistency, and Compliance with Relevant Standards Providing our Customers the Opportunity to Customize the Product Packaging, Branding, and Marketing to Align with their Brand Identity. This Approach Offers Companies a Cost-Effective way to Introduce a Range of Products to the Market Quickly, Leveraging the Our Expertise While Maintaining their own Branding. It’s a Strategic Solution for Businesses Looking to Expand their Product Line without Investing Extensively in Research, Development, and Manufacturing.

Private label products

rivate Label Final Product Offering is a Business Strategy where we Produce Goods and Allow our Partners to Brand and Market these Products as their Own Exclusive Offerings. This Approach Involves Collaboration with the Purchasing Company to Create Customized Products that Align with their Brand Identity, Target, Market, and Specific Requirements. Private Label Products can Span Various Industries, from Cosmetics to Food, and Offer Businesses the Opportunity to Offer Unique Products without the Need for Extensive Research, Development, and Manufacturing Resources. This Arrangement Provides Companies with Greater Control over Product Design, Quality, and Pricing, Enabling them to Stand out in a Competitive Market.

Excise Tax Storage for the Import, Production and Sale of CBD Infused Vapes

Our company has Successfully Gained Approval to Pay Excise Tax and has Received the Necessary Clearance to Produce, Import and Distribute CBD-Infused Vapes. This Significant Achievement Underscores our Commitment to Compliance and Regulatory Adherence within the Rapidly Evolving Landscape of CBD products. With the Green Light to Navigate Excise Tax Regulations and Import Processes, we are Poised to Meet the Growing Demand for CBD-Infused Vapes while Ensuring that our Operations are Aligned with Legal Requirements. This Accomplishment Strengthens our Position as a Trusted Provider of High-quality CBD Products in the Market, Positioning us to Deliver Innovative Offerings to our Customers while Upholding the Highest Standards of Legality and Integrity.

Fumigation Services: 55 Square Meters of Fumigation Chamber Available for Disinfecting ANY Biomass.

Our State-of-the-Art Facility Proudly Boasts a Spacious Fumigation Chamber, Covering an Expansive 55 Square Meters, Dedicated to the Meticulous Disinfection of Diverse Biomass. Equipped with Cutting-Edge Technology and Adhering to Stringent Safety Protocols, this Chamber Provides a Controlled Environment for Eradicating Harmful Pathogens, Pests, and Contaminants that may Compromise the Quality and Integrity of the Biomass. Our Team of Experts Ensures that Every Aspect of the Fumigation Process is Meticulously Monitored, Guaranteeing the Effective and Thorough Disinfection of the Biomass. With Our 55 Square Meter Fumigation Chamber, we Offer a Robust Solution for Safeguarding the Purity and Health of the Biomass, Catering to a Wide Range of Industries that Demand Uncompromised Quality and Safety Standards.