CBD EXTRACTION I.K.E. is a distinguished industrial hemp processing enterprise that emerged onto the scene in 2019. Holding a coveted license in the hemp industry, we were established as a prominent player in the market. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to a vertically integrated production model, meticulously overseeing every stage from cultivation to the creation of the final CBD-infused products. This comprehensive approach guarantees quality control at every step, ensuring that the products we offer are of the highest standard. With a deep-rooted expertise in CBD extraction, CBD EXTRACTION I.K.E. stands as a testament to innovation and excellence in the rapidly evolving world of hemp processing.

Our company specializes in the comprehensive cultivation and processing of premium Greek hemp, encompassing the entire spectrum from cultivation to CBD oil extraction and distillation using Supercritical CO2 technology. As a B2B-focused entity, we leverage our expertise to manufacture a diverse range of CBD-based products tailored to the needs of the CBD market, providing exceptional quality and service to our business partners.

At the heart of our company’s mission lies the aspiration to ignite a collective journey towards healthier living, nurturing a profound inspiration within humanity. Committed unwaveringly to our cherished customers, brand identity, and unwavering values, we embark on this transformative endeavor with an unyielding dedication to fostering wellness, igniting change, and crafting a legacy that resonates through generations.

By attaining a comprehensive array of certifications, our company has expanded its horizons and diversified its products. Originally focused on hemp cultivation and CBD products, we have now embraced an even wider scope of business. Drawing from locally sourced plants, we skillfully produce a variety of plant extracts, extending our expertise to tolling, herb processing, white label and private label agreements. This evolution underscores our commitment to excellence and positions us as a versatile and dependable partner in the industry.

Through strategic investments in a cutting-edge production facility, a team of exceptionally qualified specialists, and key partnerships with renowned agricultural, chemical and pharmaceutical institutions both in Greece and abroad, we guarantee a steadfast commitment to delivering unparalleled quality. Our unwavering dedication to innovation and expertise ensures that every product you receive is of the utmost excellence, a testament to our pledge to consistently provide you with the finest offerings available.